Cash Pricing That Makes Sense.

If you don’t have insurance, we provide discounted prices for no-hassle, up-front payment. Our discounted prices are fully transparent and can save you hundreds.

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Cash Pricing


Office Visit:

Low Complexity:
Moderate Complexity:
High Complexity:
Follow-up Visit:


unless contracted with an employer.  APPOINTMENT REQUIRED
LDS Mission Physical
(includes all required lab work; additional fees may apply if lab work beyond what’s required needs done.)
College Sports Physical:
TB Test
2-Step TB Test
Tetanus Vaccine


$120 - $160
Wound Care: Starting at:
Minor Procedure


Prices vary
Others available at discounted
prices – contact clinic for more info.

Lab Work

Urine Drug Screen:
Glucose Lab
Mono Test
Pap Smear
Pregnancy Test
Strep Test
Most labs (e.g. thyroid levels, vitamin levels, etc.) available at discounted prices – contact clinic for more info.


SARS-CoV-2 and $150 for 4 plex (requires 40-45 minutes to receive results)
(may include testing for flu, RSV, and strep and will require 40-45 minutes to receive results)

How We Save You Money & Hassle

We believe in providing patient-focused care, which includes transparent pricing to allow you to make better financial decisions.  

Many of our patients have insurance that is not accepted at our clinic.  They come regardless, because:

Our providers and staff are experienced and compassionate.
We are much more convenient and save you time and hassle.
Our pricing is reasonable and transparent.  You will never receive an unexpected medical bill from us. Ever.
Many times insurance requires out-of-pocket payment regardless (e.g., for many high deductible plans); might as well pay less for a better experience.
Our clinics are very neat and clean.
A patient care worker warmly greets a patient.

Open 7 Days A Week With Extended Hours And Same-Day Care