Fit For Duty Examinations

Fit for Duty exams

Finding the right person for the job is important. For many employers this means making sure job candidates can perform their duties without a high risk of injury.

An employer may also want a fit for duty exam for an employee who is completing treatment and is ready to return to work after a serious illness or injury.

Corner Clinic’s knowledgeable and compassionate staff offers Fit for Duty exams. We work with many employers and employees to provide a convenient and affordable solution for your workforce and occupational medicine needs in southern Utah.

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What Is A Fit For Duty Physical?

A fit for duty physical is a medical examination that is conducted on an employee to determine if the employee is physically and mentally fit to perform the essential duties of their job safely and effectively.

When Is A Fit For Duty Physical Required?

A fit for duty physical may be required in certain industries or jobs where physical and mental fitness is essential for safe job performance. For example, some employers may require fit for duty exams for employees who work in construction, mining, or other physically demanding jobs.

Do I Need To Make An Appointment?

Nope! Just stop by a clinic when we’re open and you’ll be seen within a few minutes.

Who Conducts A Fit For Duty Physical?

A fit for duty physical is typically conducted by a healthcare provider such as a physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant who is trained to perform the exam.

What Happens During A Fit For Duty Physical?

During a fit for duty physical, the healthcare provider will typically review the employee's medical history and conduct a physical examination. The exam may include measurements such as height, weight, blood pressure, and vision and hearing tests. The provider may also order additional tests, such as blood tests or x-rays, if necessary.

What Happens If An Employee Fails A Fit For Duty Physical?

If an employee fails a fit for duty physical, they may be deemed unfit to perform the essential duties of their job and may be prohibited from performing those duties until they are able to pass the exam or meet other requirements. The employer may also be required to provide reasonable accommodations for the employee, such as modified duties or additional training, if feasible.