You Can Save Big With Cash Prices

If you have  a high-deductible health plan, paying fixed prices at Corner Clinic can literally save you hundreds (sometimes even thousands!) of dollars on  care.

What’s A High-Deductible Health Plan?

A deductible is the amount of money you have to spend out-of-pocket before your insurance company will start covering some of your costs.

A high-deductible health plan is any plan with a deductible over $2,700 for a family.

High-Deductible Health

Shouldn’t I Just Go Somewhere That Accepts My Insurance?

Not necessarily! High-deductible plans typically make you pay full price for most of your care. That means a trip to the doctor could cost hundreds of dollars, even if the clinic accepts your insurance!

Corner Clinic Can Save You An Average Of Almost $2,000 Over The ER.

If your insurance is not “in-network” we provide discounted cash prices that provide you transparent and affordable prices.  That means you’ll only pay for the services you choose, and you can see all of our prices up front.

PS: Because we’re so affordable, many insurers will just reimburse you for your visit!

You Pay Fixed Prices For The Services You Need.
This way, you know your costs ahead of time. No hidden, expensive charges.
You Send The Bill To Your Insurance Company.
Since we don’t have to hire billing staff, we can pass those savings on to you.
You Get The Cost Applied To Your Deductible.
You pay affordable prices will still putting your insurance to work. The ultimate life hack.