Employee Health Benefits

Health Care Benefits, From Our Small Business To Yours

Corner Clinic is a local urgent care + primary care facility with a unique model: low, fixed rates in exchange for fast, quality care.

We partner with local businesses to provide convenient, day-to-day care that helps keep your employees healthy and happy.  We can save employers that have self-funded plans by decreasing ER visits and helping direct patient care to the best & most affordable option.

Health Care Benefits

We Can Create A Plan Tailored To Your Needs.

Here Are A Few Ways That We’ve Partnered With Local Businesses:

Membership Plan

Employee Membership Plan

With a small-business membership plan, you pay affordable monthly rates per each employee and his/her dependents. In return, your employees can access all our services for a fixed, low-cost visit fee.  A great option for employers with fewer than 50 employees.
 Visit Program

 Employee Visit Program

Pay only a standard capitated fee for visits made by your employees.  This plan is only available for employer groups with more than 50 employees.

Near-Site Program

Let us become the care center for your employees.  You would share in the fixed monthly costs and a small visit fee for variable expenses.  This plan is only available for employers with 50 or more employees.