Primary Care Membership Program

We value your time and money.  That’s why we’ve put together a Primary Care Membership Program that gives you affordable, accessible, and high quality healthcare.

No insurance middlemen.  No hidden fees.  No copays.  No red tape.  Completely transparent and completely hassle-free.
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Membership Benefits:


Easier Access To Care

Access to unlimited urgent care and primary care appointments with no copay or office visit fee. Walk-in anytime during our open hours for urgent care needs and schedule an appointment for primary care visits.

Comprehensive Care

High quality care for you and your family. This includes full access to our urgent care clinic, chronic disease management, preventative care, and annual physical.
Lab Work

Lab Work At Cost

Any in-clinic lab testing is covered in your membership. All send out lab work will be priced at cost for all primary care members. Think $50 for annual bloodwork!
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Membership Pricing

Primary Care Membership is NOT health insurance.

Kids 0-18

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with adult membership,
$115 without

Adults 19-44


Adults 45+


Family (Any Size)

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45+ years $420/mo
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Corner Clinic Satisfaction Guarantee

We feel confident you’ll love our amazing primary care membership program which is why we have a satisfaction guarantee policy!  If for any reason, you’re not completely satisfied, just call our office to cancel your membership anytime 3 months beyond purchase date.  No strings attached, no surprise bills, or hidden fees.
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Over 1,300+ Five-Star Reviews…

"Having our membership has been the best affordable option for healthcare for our family. Dr. Grise is amazing and so is his staff!"
-Laura C.
It really is like a one-stop shop for health care! I was so surprised to find out I have urgent care benefits as well. Amazing!
-Lyndsey C.
"Loved my experience here. Wasn't rushed and doctor was able to care for my son."
-Gayle S.
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What Is Primary Care?

Primary care is affordable, high quality health care that doesn’t require health insurance. You and your doctor get to decide what treatment is best for you without insurance company limitations. At Corner Clinic Primary Care, you’ll get more complete visits so your doctor can get to know you and effectively manage your healthcare needs. In addition, you’ll have convenient access to your doctor and shorter wait times!

What’s Not Covered In My Primary Care Membership?

Services NOT covered by your membership include (and are not limited to):

• Substance abuse or withdrawal

• Allergy testing

• Worker’s compensation

• Pregnancy & pregnancy-related conditions, including infertility

• Cancer or other chronic illnesses, such as heart disease or neurological diseases

• Compound fractures (bone protrudes through skin)

• Convulsions, seizures, or loss of consciousness

• Deep wounds

• Fever in a newborn less than 3 months old

• Child fevers greater than 104 degrees

• Heavy, uncontrollable bleeding

• Moderate to severe burns

• Poisoning

• Serious head, neck, or back injuries

• Severe abdominal pain

• Indicators of cardiovascular disease (severe chest pain or difficulty breathing)

• Indicators of stroke (e.g. loss of vision, sudden feeling numb, weakness, slurred speech, or


• Severe mental illness, including suicidal or homicidal feelings

• Changes in mental status, such as confusion

• Coughing or vomiting blood

• Renal failure

• Any care given by a provider not listed as participating in this membership, any care in the sole determination of the provider that is best handled in the emergency room of a hospital, any procedure in the sole determination of the provider that falls outside of his or her area of training or expertise, or care rendered by specialists or specialty clinics.

How Do I Pay For My Primary Care Membership?

Through your membership portal, you can pay monthly by credit card or ACH withdrawals. If you pay up-front for the whole year, you’ll get a 5% discount. Cash payments are allowed, but only in semi-annual payments at the clinic.

Who Can I Add To My Primary Care Membership?

You are allowed to include any immediate family members or legal dependents on your membership plan.

Can I Cancel My Primary Care Membership?

Yes! You can cancel with 30-days notice, though cancellation fees may apply if you cancel within a 3 month time frame (see contract for more details). Email us at to let us know you would like to cancel.

When Does My Primary Care Membership Take Effect?

Your membership is effective as soon as you sign-up online! Just be sure to bring any form of ID to the clinic when you visit.

Is There A Limit On How Many Times I Can Visit The Clinic?

Nope! Your membership gets you unlimited access to our clinic! Feel free to walk-in for our urgent care services during our open hours. All primary care visits will need scheduled appointment times.

I’m Not Sure If A Service I Need Is Covered By My Primary Care Membership. What Should I Do?

Call a Corner Clinic or send an email to We can let you know if a service is covered or how much it’ll cost if it’s not.

Does My Primary Care Membership Cover Prescriptions?

Unfortunately, no. You’ll have to go to a pharmacy for your prescriptions.

Is A Primary Care Membership The Same As Health Insurance?

Your Primary Care Membership is not health insurance. We accept patients with *any insurance plan or even no insurance.* Our membership can be especially beneficial for individuals without health insurance or with high deductible insurance plans. It is recommended that patients maintain catastrophic coverage or join a health sharing plan for circumstances that require services outside of primary care. You will only have coverage for care at our Corner Clinic locations. You will need to sign up for health insurance if you want help paying for care at hospitals, specialist facilities, pharmacies, etc.

What Are Your Terms And Conditions?

Do I Need To Schedule An Appointment To Become A Member?

You don’t need an appointment to become a member. You can enroll here and schedule later. We encourage regular check-ups with your physician to keep you and your family healthy!