Small Business Membership Plans


Health care benefits, from our small business to yours

Corner Clinic is a local urgent care facility with a unique model: low, fixed rates in exchange for fast, quality care.

With a small-business membership plan, you pay affordable monthly rates per each employee and his/her dependents. In return, your employees can access all our services for a fixed, low-cost visit fee.


How it works:

You pay a monthly fixed rate per employee and his/her dependents

Employees pay a low, fixed fee when they come to Corner Clinic (and that’s it!)


Cost-cutting ways to offer your membership

Replace HSA contributions and wage increases with Corner Clinic memberships. For a much lower annual investment, you offer your employees something more valuable: a simple way to get the care they need when they need it, and all at predictably low prices.

Offer supplementary benefits instead of health insurance! Your company may not be required to provide health insurance depending on its size and type.* Offering benefits like dental, vision, and our membership plan lets you cut costs while still showing your team that you value their well-being.

Pair a partially-funded plan with a Corner Clinic membership. This type of health insurance plan can be very cost-effective when employees have lower annual health costs, which naturally happens when they get the majority of their care at a Corner Clinic.

Skip costly PPO plans and pair a high-deductible option with Corner Clinic memberships. By lowering your monthly premium investments, this strategy can help you save up to thousands of dollars per employee each year, but keeps your team happy and healthy with on-demand, quality, and affordable care.

*You should consult with your own legal counsel and benefits providers regarding your obligation to provide insurance to your employees. Corner Clinic does not offer an insurance plan and does not provide legal advice regarding your health insurance obligations

A healthcare experience your employees will love


Affordable, fixed rates


0 - 15 min wait times


Care-oriented providers

Our services

For only a small visit fee, your employees can get on-demand access to these services:

  • Sick visits

  • Physical exams

  • Small procedures (e.g. foreign object removal, wound care)

  • X-rays

  • Lab draws*, cultures, & STD testing

  • Onsite labs (e.g. strep, pregnancy)

  • Routine vaccinations

  • Stitches

  • Sprains, breaks, and strains

  • Allergies & asthma treatment

  • And more!

* Some rare lab tests may incur an additional charge. Patients may always ask our staff for prices.

Our five-star team

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